Private Run

“You can’t be good all the time, but be good when it’s time.” Celine Dion

There are those runs we don’t talk about, don’t post online with pretty pictures, and we are happy when they are over. These runs are not bad or crappy but building runs. You learn from them and move forward because of them. Not every run can be a fast one, a happy one, or what we consider a “good” one.

I recently went out on a Saturday and had what I thought was a good training run on a race course I have coming up. I went to bed that night thinking I will get up tomorrow and do another 4-5 miles easily to complete my mileage for the week.

The morning came and I woke up late, tired, and stiff. Waking up late meant I missed my group run, but I was determined to get out and run anyway. I thought to myself, “take it slow and you will warm into the run”. Well that didn’t happen; it was more of a walk than a run. When I am not feeling great to go out for a run I make a deal with myself that I will give it at least 15 minutes and then reevaluate.  When I get to 15 minutes, if I still don’t feel great I can turn around and go home. It’s a great way to get out the door when I don’t feel like running.  Most of the time I don’t turn around at 15 minutes.

Even though the run didn’t turn out like I wanted, I was still moving forward and proved to myself that I can do it! That is sometimes more important than anything else.

This is the reason I called this one the private run; it’s in the privacy of our own minds where we decide what we have left, and if we can keep going. We go back to these moments when we are in another run or a race, and use it to say, “I kept going then and I can keep going now”. Don’t give up on yourself, even if it means walking sometimes. No run is a bad run as long as you learn from it.



One thought on “Private Run

  1. Thank you for this. You focus on what you learned, not what you didn’t accomplish. This is why you are awesome!

    I spent a year or so of mostly private runs. You met me at the beginning of this downward spiral (NHRR – in Sept 2015) and finally am feeling the upward spiral in the last few weeks. Mostly those runs were a struggle, so many of them, some solo, some with one or two running buddies, all never knowing the internal battle I was having, or did they ? I won’t ask and don’t want to know. All I know is they kept me keeping on when I couldn’t keep my self keeping on. So so so many of the solo runs it would have been so easy to throw in the towel and trudge home, disappointed and feeling like I disappointed someone, suddenly my mind went to a new place, it went to the, who are you doing this for place? if you aren’t doing this for yourself, is the person(s) you are doing this for going to appreciate your effort? are they even going to know about your effort? mostly the answer to this question was no. So I trudged on with my arbitrary goals of miles and paces and finally feel like I’m making some progress back to where I was before it all started crumbling and taking the time on these solo and non-solo runs to dive in and asses why it all started crumbling.


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