Getting off road


One of the reasons I wanted to be a women’s bicycle ambassador for Newington Bicycle was to inspire and encourage other women to try out riding a bicycle. I thought it was time to open myself to new experiences.

One of the experiences I was not interested in at beginning of the year was mountain biking. I had a horrible experience with someone when I lived in Alaska on single track. I thought I knew what mountain biking was and I didn’t want any part of it. This where the story changes.

The other women ambassadors for Newington Bicycle encouraged me to give it another try. Newington Bicycle was putting on a 3 part clinic for mountain biking of all levels. Newington Bicycle was willing to lend me a demo bike to try it out. I had no more excuses not to try it out. I decided I would do it because maybe it would encourage other women to try it. Plus these lovely ladies of Newington Bike would be there.


May 3rd of this year was the first clinic. It dealt with body positioning on the bike. We did some drills to get comfortable with our bikes and learn how our body position could help or hinder our ride.



After about hour or so of drills we took to the woods for a group ride. I was nervous about this because I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I thought I will get dropped and get lost. This was not the case. We rode as a group and stopped at key points to keep everyone together.

A nice part about this ride was how the ladies encouraged each other and congratulated each other on making it up climbs or getting successfully over obstacles. When we got done with the ride I thought this was fun and I am excited for the next one!


The Second clinic was on May 10th about going over obstacles. I had to miss it because I was traveling for work. From the pictures from the clinic it looked like another fun one.




The Third clinic and final clinic was on May 17th which dealt with cornering and brought it all together. I made this one and again demoed a bike provided from Newington Bicycle. I have ridden motorcycles and dirt bikes before so I had an idea of what we would be doing. However I learned a lot in this clinic and was really happy I could make this one.



This clinic incorporated the body positioning we learned as well in the first one. Again we went out on a ride after the clinic. I was feeling really good and on a race bike so I decided I would try pushing it a little harder. It was fun and I finally felt like I was riding good. I came to a downhill with a blind tight corner at the bottom. On the corner I got caught on a tree and went down. It wasn’t anything major. When Diane caught up to me, she asked if I was ok? I started to laugh, and said I am fine. I realized at the end of the ride that I had a lot of fun and I wanted to have more fun like this.


So after a month of looking at bikes and asking questions I bought a mountain bike. It’s everything I have ever wanted in a bike. Newington Bicycle and their staff made the process so easy and fun! I decided I wanted a carbon fiber, full suspension, 29 inch wheel, and hydraulic disc brakes on a Trek mountain bike. If you have questions please ask. The main thing you should know is this bike fits me really well and the feel of the ride is what I wanted. This bike gives me a sense of freedom that road riding doesn’t. I can’t wait to get back out on my bike with the ladies this fall!




There is another set of women’s mountain bike clinics coming up:
2017 Fall MTB Series

location TBA. 5:30 – 7:30 pm
9/13 – Week 1: Body Positioning
9/20 – Week 2: Obstacles, Wheel Lift
9/27 – Cornering/review
10/1 – Women’s Group Ride @ West Hartford Res, 8:00 am

If you have more questions about the clinic, rides, bikes go to Newington Bicycle website:




















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